There is nothing I love more than witnessing a person learn.  From a decade of tutoring thousands of students and a personal life goal of learning, I understand the difference between short-term memory and owning information.  My goal as a tutor is to convince students to never settle for the former--to shed light on the difference and train them how to truly think, not memorize. 

If teaching is an art, the university is an Ikea, producing conveyer-belt courses that leave students with an unassembled mess of bolts and flimsy hardware.  There are exceptions, of course, but this feeling surely resonates with many students at some point in their academic pursuit.  This is what I seek to resolve, and this resolve is my specialty.  I can quickly assess the source of students' misunderstanding, strengthen their mastery of the fundamentals, and train them to see new concepts as applications of the old.  With this strategy, anyone can learn anything.  But to convey this methodology of thought, a teacher must remember what it was like to not know--and be infatuated with all possible paths to understanding.  This requires more than remembering the moment of learning, but the patience to walk alongside a student from any place of initial understanding.

I love teaching too much to be a teacher.  I would hate for my mentor methodology to be diluted by too large a student-teacher ratio--or worse, to be pressured into a role as unaffiliated advocate of some publishing company's latest edition.  If you want to learn, I want to be a part of it.  A simple, beautiful relationship.  I take your growth personally; if somehow you deem me unhelpful, I will not accept your money (and in ten years, that hasn't happened).



not your teacher

private tutor

live in ​LA

online anywhere


As a learner

Arizona State University
   Mathematics Minor​

   Economics B.S.

   + one bonus year of math graduate school

University of California, Irvine

   statistics M.S.

   + PhD Candidate, Economics (forever ABD)

As a teacher

While @ ASU

     Tutor for ASU Math Tutoring Center                                         <2 years>

   Tutor for ASU Student Success Center                                      <2 years>

   SAT/GRE Teacher & Tutor @ The Princeton Review                  <2 years>

   Private Tutor for Economics and Math                                      <4 years>


While @ UC Irvine

   Teaching Assistant, Economics Dept.                                       <3 years>

   Private Tutor                                                                          <3 years>


Malorie J. Hughes